Senior lecturer, Linköpings universitet:
Culture & Media Production
Researcher, Stockholms universitet:
CEIFO (Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations)
Senior lecturer, Dept. of Communication studies, Linköpings universitet
Deputy Head of Division, Institute of Tema research, Linköpings universitet
Producer, Dept of Music, Swedish Radio Broadcasting (Musikradion, Riksradion/Sveriges Radio), Stockholm
Undergraduate studies:
Musicology (MA thesis)
Psychology (BA thesis)
Lunds universitet
Tema Kommunikation (Communication Studies),
Linköpings universitet
Tema Kultur och samhälle (Culture studies),
LInköpings universitet
Director of the KSM (Culture, society, media production) four/three-year academic program
Responsible for the planning and development of KSM starting in 1996
Teaching at KSM continuously from 1997 till the present day
KSM has two legs: interdisciplinary academic study and media production. It includes such media formats as audio, film, new media, and exhibitions.
In each course, academic and media work are integrated. And each course is tailored around the students’ own research and production work.
Former KSM students now work with information and PR, in the press, at museums, with TV and radio broadcasting – and a large number of other things.
The teachers at KSM come from a variety of university and media backgrounds. The media side of the staff includes exhibition producers, documentary film-makers, artists from the visual arts, radio and music producers, and new media specialists. The academic teachers come from disciplines such as anthropology, cultural studies, ethnology, the history of ideas, and sociology. Many of them also have an interdisciplinary training.
The undergraduate program admits some 60 new students each academic year. In addition there are two Masters’ programs:
Each of these comprises two years of study on the advanced level.